End of Year

Hello all, here we are almost the end of 2017! What a crazy couple of months! Fires and more fires...heat, power failures! and did I eve mention ANTS??? On the walls, floor, tables...everywhere!

Yes, strange year indeed! I'm still looking at the release of my album "Time" but to add on to it, I am also releasing a second album which is actually one I had planned to release before  the "Time" album. I had sought to release the untitled one much later into 2018 however, I am releasing it earlier. I am looking at both of these or at least "Time" by the end of January into February. Hopefully no more fires...It's December and we have had No snow, rain or a breeze of cold weather. Today was in the mid 80's so, interesting. It took time to reassemble all my equipment after the mandatory evacuations however, it was nice to reset and do a little studio cleaning.

Anyway, keep checking for updates and hang in there if you are hanging ;-)


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