Music Composer, Sean Christopher, is a powerful voice in the new generation of music. His shimmering timbres are majestic and soothing.When I listen to his music, I am transported to a peaceful place beyond space and time.”

— Barbara Jordon-Film and TV Music Supervisor

His music has a very cinematic and visual quality”

Kathy Parsons (


The New album Frame has arrived!!(Even though its a Digital Release)

The New Album Framed

The New Album Framed

Album Review!

Kathy Parsons of has written an album review on the latest album release of "Time" Check it out!

"Mainly Piano" a well known New Age Music website has just posted a review on Sean Christophers "Mystique"

The Album "TIME" has been featured on United Kingdoms One World Music

During the recent months of the raging fires, Sean was forced to evacuate on a numbers of times as well as losing power, was forced to stop the composing process in his studio for his album "Time" however, on his adventure through this, He managed to video and photograph a wide variety of images from the Fires around him. Doing so, inspired him to compose a musical piece and create a video to play with it. You can watch the video below.

Just released two Music Videos from the "Mystique" Album

1.Close to Me



Hope you enjoy! :-)

Sean's Corner

My brothers new album 

Hello all!

Music does run in my family as you already may know. My brother Kane and the music group he is in just released an album....Go check it out! Just click the album cover!

End of Year 

Hello all, here we are almost the end of 2017! What a crazy couple of months! Fires and more fires...heat, power failures! and did I eve mention ANTS??? On the walls, floor, tables...everywhere!

Yes, strange year indeed! I'm still looking at the release of my album "Time" but to add on to it, I am also releasing a second album which is actually one I had planned to release before  the "Time" album. I had sought to release the untitled one much later into 2018 however, I am releasing it earlier. I am looking at both of these or at least "Time" by the end of January into February. Hopefully no more fires...It's December and we have had No snow, rain or a breeze of cold weather. Today was in the mid 80's so, interesting. It took time to reassemble all my equipment after the mandatory evacuations however, it was nice to reset and do a little studio cleaning.

Anyway, keep checking for updates and hang in there if you are hanging ;-)


On: New Album 

Hi All!

Yes working hard on my next Album titled "Time" which is a working title. I'm working on getting it out by December and hopefully releasing a sample before that along with any videos...So lots of stuff happening!...Also working in between my days jobs. So not a moment to spare for a break!!

The title theme "Time" is one I chose due to a lot of songs I had composed over the years that dealt with "Time" or close to it. So I wanted to place it all together in a packaged theme. I am a fanatic of Time travel movies or anything to do with time travel! Its overwelming mysteries captivates me in ways I cant explain. But the music knows what I'm feeling and is translated in a musical composition. I look forward to sharing it with you when it is complete!


Now.....Back to work!!!!!!


Pandora Radio 

"Mystique" Is now available for streaming on Pandora Radio...Create a station using "Sean Christopher (Los Angeles) " Pandora had to list it this way considering there are two Sean Christophers. Enjoy!


Someone was asking about sheet music, if it was available for some of the songs. We dont currently have any at the moment. There are plans though in the future to have it available. If you would like more info please dont hesitate to contact at


Exciting News! Pandora, has announced that they will consider playing the "Mystique" Album but it is still a few more weeks from final placement.....

"Mystique" CD plaque 

With the coming release of "Mystique" I have been given the CD award from someone very special :-) Today I received the CD Plaque, displaying the CD and cover. It's really NICE!

Mystique Wall Plaque

A Music Story 

Sunrise at Balboa lake 2016
"Music, tells a story in a universal language of sound.
The vibration we feel is translated into a visual image that only we can see and feel for ourselves...coming from the imagination as though we were caught in an lucid dream. Everyone visualizes a different story that is triggered by a memory or thought. It's not just our mind that is affected but our body and soul. This is the secret of Music and the secret of the Universe".

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